I am on a leave of absence and not currently responding to communication, see bottom of page for an agency that I hope can help you!

Welcome to the possibility of change.
A new perspective is already within you, just waiting for your wisdom.

About me: While I'm influenced by a variety of therapeutic stances through my training, I primarily use Three Principles Psycholgy (3p) as developed by Sydney Banks, with a touch of Narrative Therapy developed by Michael White and David Epstein. Berkeley raised.

How I like to work: Intakes can be done over zoom if you prefer, and I do home visits as well. However, for a typical session I prefer an in-person, outdoor, walking and talking modality.
This accomplishes several things: gets your brain, body and mind working, allows for a dynamic experience of the world around you, facilitates the real act of letting go of a physically and mentally static experience to allow novel thought and other processes that tap into your innate and universal wisdom so – you can see your way through the challenges you are already attempting to meet by coming to see me. *Note outcomes are not guaranteed.
Families and couples can be accommodated differently as needed.

Who I like to work with: Everybody! Your politics, identity, origin story, ideas about the goings on in this world are all welcome here. Past working experiences have been at a city run family services agency, a public high school, and a community college.

Your partner in discovery,